Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Clothes Make the Man

I wear this shirt whenever I travel so I can give it as much exposure to as many people as I can. I get a unanimous 100% positive response from everyone who sees it, even when I fly through Dallas and Houston.

I'm almost disappointed because I relish the thought of pissing off a Repuglygoon. Hopefully we would get in an argument that becomes progressively more heated, at which point he would quickly back down. I know this would happen because Bush supporters are complete pussies. They puff their chests and talk tough, but when push comes to shove, they run away like their cowardly poster boy, the Chickenshit Chickenhawk-in-Chief.

But I guess airports aren't a good cross-section of the population if you're looking for conservatools. In airports you find people who travel. People who travel have broadened their world view, their horizons have been expanded. Their social and political views have been tempered by exposure to different people and places. You won't find many Bush voters there.

Bush voters are born, grow up and die all in the same place. They love their little bubbles and never have any desire to leave their coccoon of stupid. These redneck redstate retards think they know all they need to know and have outright contempt for anything challenging the views that have been cemented in their minds since the age of 12. Hence, they feel very comfortable with the era that Bush ushered in with his stolen election--redneck jingoism, distrust of knowledge and "furriners", and embracing all things dumb as if it were a badge of honor marking you as a regular guy.

Interestingly enough, every single time I unpack my bags after getting to my destination, there is a note saying that it had been searched. I hope it was because of the shirt.

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The Sound of Silence said...

no, dude. it wasn't the shirt. it was the 'i <3 bombs' button.