Monday, August 6, 2007

A Sleeper Cell of Stupid

The biggest problem with Mann Coulter and her fellow douchebags is not their asinine factually challenged screeds or the gutless media whores that give them their platform. There will always be nutjobs out there and lazy pseudo journalist hacks will give some of them attention, not because they are right or even have a salient point to make. The reason these right wing loonies continue to get exposure is that they have a sizeable audience just as venal and ugly as they are to swallow their vomitous tripe.

There is a very ugly side to the American personality that has lain dormant for many years and it was finally given permission to rise again by Bush, as evidenced by the crowd of yokels that flocked to Faux News. The people affected by this particular form of brain damage are characterized by simple mindedness, arrogance and a hatred of anything not just like themselves. Bush is the pied piper to the american vermin that held on to these embarrassing traits and they helped him along to almost beating Al Gore in the 2000 election.

A complete fraud like Dumbya would never have made it that close without millions of mouth-breathing brain donors who couldn't see through his paper-thin facade. And they loved the fact that this "regular guy" made it okay for them to show their true colors and be stupid, bigoted rednecks again.

The smartest thing Rove ever did was identifying and isolating this this ugliness like a scientist might find a useless gene we haven't used since the Stone Age. He found a vein of asshole running through the american landscape and mined it for all it was worth.

Coulter, Malkin, O'Reilly, Hannity and Limbaugh (not to mention Bush) owe their careers to this virulent strain of jackass. Bush voters have their tiny minds made up with the littlest amount of information possible and don't want to hear anything contrary to their firmly held predjudices. Their opinions have been handed down unchanged generation after generation like an heirloom or a genetic disease.

They only want to hear their own opinions repeated back to them to convince themselves that they are right, and Faux News, Coultergeist and company are only too happy to oblige.

They know this is not a crowd big on journalistic integrity or fact checking. The perfect audience for a "news" channel that learned a while ago that it's not illegal to lie about the news.
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me said...

Two of those links are dead.

Jean Deaux said...

Thanks, they are fixed now.

Todd said...

I'd like things to change too, but I'm hesitant about making laws against "lying".

You want to make it illegal for "the media" to lie? Define "the media"? some Bloggers claim to be "journalists" - or at least be engaging in "journalism" - will they be covered? How about the National Enquirer or the now defunct "Weekly World News"? I'm sure the "Bat Boy on the Loose" stories weren't particularly truthful but should the publisher be locked up? Remember - fox News often argues that programs like Oreilly are entertainment and not news so if we carve out a "Daily Show" exception for news-like entertainment we're just going to see less real news and more of those shows.

I'm not trying to just troll with slippery slope arguments but this issue is NOT simple - I don't like the idea of "the News" willfully telling lies but the law is blunt and I cant think of a scheme to force the news to tell "the truth" that isn't just asking to be used to bludgeon much smaller fish engaged in much less harmful activities.